Podcast: GW2- A Humbling Affair


By Jason McKenna and Seb Naylor

Gameweek 2 is over and for many of us it is one that we will want to forget. However the disappointment means we need to tread carefully and have a measured approach, it is still “1/19th of a season” behind us, as so aptly put by Seb. As usual we try to make sense of it all to help you with your teams, but we also want to ensure calmness for your approach into Gameweek 3 and beyond. Wildcarding, Liverpool’s defence and the Pukki party are amongst the whole host of topics we talk about in another fun filled episode. As always we end with a chit chat section with some great laughs too! We hope you enjoy it, follow the links below to your preferred podcast outlet, we hope you find the discussions useful!

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