About us


The Goalmouth Scramble Podcast is a unique Fantasy Premier League production as we talk about stats, facts and other useful information. In our articles we are dedicated to giving fans of the Premier League in depth insights into players and teams to explain how or why they are performing the way they are. In the podcast we couple this commitment to facts with fun chats and debates about the Premier League in our Chit Chat section.

We regularly post from our Reddit account and love to hear from our listeners or from the community as a whole. So make sure to message us on any of our contact addresses, especially our Twitter page, whether is be about FPL or you want to raise a funny point about whats been happening in the Premier League and we we try to include as many people as possible.

Although we have been lifelong FPL and Premier League addicts the 2018/19 season was our first. So the team is small at the moment and we are growing!

If you want to chat to us our email is: fplgoalmouthscramblepodcast@gmail.com